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Splashy Fish Google Chrome Ad

If you haven’t already played it, you’ve very likely heard of it. Flappy Bird is an incredibly addicting game for iOS where you have to constantly (but carefully) tap to guide a little bird through a series of vertical pipe gaps. The game soared to the top of the charts in the iTunes store only to be taken Read the Full Article →

Google Tag Manager

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for a tool like this from Google. As an online marketing manager, one of the major pain points I’ve had over the years of work I’ve done is getting clients and their web developers to add Google codes to their websites. You have AdWords conversion tracking Read the Full Article →

Setbacks & Slow Results Are The True Test

It has been a long hiatus for me here as far as my niche site updates and general internet marketing posts go. I could throw a whole bunch of excuses out there like: “I’ve been on vacation” or “I’ve been really busy with other projects,” but I’ll spare you. The truth is that there is Read the Full Article →

Niche Site Case Study 008: Monetization & Domain Dilemmas

I’ve been trucking along with content generation and still haven’t written one article, myself. This is the complete opposite approach I took when compared with my last niche site, While I did outsource about 5-10 articles and reviews with that site, the first ones were almost exclusively written by yours truly. While this was Read the Full Article →

Niche Site Case Study 007: Lead Magnets & Copyscape

I’ve been on vacation in Spain the past two weeks, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t made any progress on my niche site. It definitely wasn’t as much progress as I’d have liked to make, but I’m still moving forward and think I have enough new info to benefit you, the reader. My Lead Magnet’s Read the Full Article →

Niche Site Case Study 006: Building an Email List and First Post

In the time I’ve had the past 2 weeks to work on my new niche site, I’ve been focused on 2 things: Hiring a great writer and getting my first post up Building the foundations of an email list I’ve accomplished the first of the 2 tasks, but I’m still finishing up the second. Details Read the Full Article →

Content Creation, On-Page SEO, & Rank Checking

Since laying out the foundation of my site with plugins and mindmapping, I’ve been working hard on my site’s architecture and design. In other words, the little bit of planning I did through the mindmap is now being put into action. I’m putting together the puzzle “piece by piece” if you will. Categories and Pages Read the Full Article →

Niche Site Case Study 004: Plugins and More

Welp, I fortunately haven’t had to change keywords again since my last post. But who knows, it could definitely happen again. It kind of reminds me of changing majors when you’re in college…it definitely happens, and in many cases more than once. Sure, it’s not quite as big a deal when you change keywords…after all, you Read the Full Article →

Niche Site Case Study 003: I Chose a Bad Keyword!

Just when I was starting to get excited about my new niche website I was hit with a major curveball. It dawned on me that I had chosen a bad keyword. How did I make this conclusion? Well, if it weren’t for Spencer Haws’ recent post here, I may have dug myself a much deeper Read the Full Article →

Niche Site Case Study 002: My Website's Foundation

Selecting a niche through keyword research and then registering a domain was the first step in this case study. Step 2 in this process was getting my WordPress site setup and choosing a design template to work with. Since all of my sites are built on WordPress under the Thesis framework (affiliate link), I didn’t Read the Full Article →