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I’m not even sure how long Twitter has been around now, but for somebody who is constantly consumed by Social Media in his everyday life, it’s pretty silly that I still never quite got it. You see, I was so focused on gaining followers that I lost site of the point of Twitter: to have […]

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the last (and certainly not least) match type AdWords offers: the broad match modified keyword. This is my absolute favorite match type because it gives you the flexibility of broad match, while also providing the control that exact match brings to the table. To me, this is […]

Don’t you just love it when you know exactly what you’re paying for? That’s the feeling I get when I use the exact match type in AdWords, and it’s one of the reasons most advertisers like it so much. You see, whatever falls between those two brackets that indicate the exact match type is exactly […]

Phrase match keywords are the middle option when it comes to match types in Google AdWords. They’re neither too broad, nor too conservative, making them a very popular match type option for new and experienced advertisers. With phrase match you are basically banking on the fact that the phrase you are bidding on, which is […]

If you’ve ever run an AdWords campaign, I can guarantee with pretty high certainty that you’ve used the broad match type at least once. After all, it is the default keyword match type option. But what is the broad match type exactly? What kind of search queries can trigger your ad when you’re running a […]

If you are running an AdWords campaign, you are very likely geotargeting your ads. In other words, your ads are meant to only show to Google users in a particular continent, country, city, or zip code of the world. “Meant” is the key word here, because…if we’re being honest, your ads are likely not serving exactly […]

One of the most important things you can do when conducting keyword research is to narrow down your initial keyword list. Keyword tools like AdWords’ Keyword Planner can come back with monstrous lists that have hundreds of keywords that likely consist of about 80% junk. That’s right. Most of the keywords you get from these tools […]

Picture this: You have a giant list of keywords in one of your AdWords campaigns, but you have no idea which of them are serving your ads at the moment you check. Sure, under the Status column you might see the word “Eligible”, but what on earth does that mean? Does anybody really care about eligibility? The short answer […]

If you ever wanted to run a remarketing/retargeting campaign in AdWords but weren’t quite sure how to get started, this video will hopefully guide you to success. Before you check out this video I highly recommend you check out my tutorial on setting up Google Tag Manager. If you have the tag manager code installed […]

I’ve spent many hours of my life toying with Google AdWords. I’d like to think I’ve gotten somewhat good at it too. If you’ve ever used AdWords you know how tedious it can be. This is why I decided to try and create some short tutorials with AdWords tips and tricks I’ve picked up over […]