The Niche Site Mothership

The Niche Site Mothership

My Hub For All Niche Site Case Studies

Putting this page together is long overdue…but this is where all posts related to my niche site case study (studies?) will be found.

As some people may know, I started my first niche site in May 2012, where I ultimately ranked #3 in Google before eventually falling to #5 for the long term.

While I’m still working to get the site to #1, it has certainly taken longer than I’ve anticipated, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to start a new niche site and document everything.

I don’t consider my first niche site a failure by any means. It generated $300 last month (May 2013) and earnings have continued to rise over time. What this means is that you absolutely¬†don’t have to rank #1 for your target keyword to make your site a financial success.

This is the beauty of long tail keywords. While they may have fewer monthly searches, when added together as a sum, they make up more monthly searches than most target niche keywords.

Anyways, I think we’re going to see a similar trend for my new site in this case study. The goal is to create an incredible resource that will be impossible for Google to deny. Hopefully you make this your goal too.

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